Business Consulting

International Business Consulting

We guide your entrance into the emerging markets from the concept development to the final implementation.
Cultural Consulting – We familiarize you with cultural peculiarities of your future business partners and clients and advise you on contract negotiations, product-management and more.

Market analysis

Through intensive research and analysis of the target market we collect and offer you all relevant information necessary for a correct evaluation of the project. In this sense we examine the framework and conditions of the market, analysis the vertical markets, survey the targeted customer segment, determine through a sales process analysis the best sales channels, find out the clients preferences and audit the market for competitors.

Marketing and Sales strategies

Strategy development and process optimization in the international marketing campaigns, your sales & trade agreements, and a product strategy tailored towards the Middle Eastern market.
Sales consultancy – thanks to our knowledge of the target market, we can develop the appropriate sales channels, to establish the defined product portfolio of the emerging markets.

Identifying Business and Sales Partners

We identify and establish the ideal business partners in the target market as well as evaluating their competences and credibility. Further we develop a network of trading partners and possible clients in the new market.